About project

تمديد وتوصيل واختبار كيبل كهربائي متوسط الجهد لمحرك مضخة مياه البحر بالمؤسسة العامة لتحلية المياه المالحة

The purpose of this project is to provide specialized services to carry out the work of extending, testing and connecting electrical cables for the medium-voltage electric motor in the second stage of the desalinated water production system in Yanbu according to the required technical specifications (Cable specifications: MV Electric Cable 3*185 mm2, 8.7/15 KV, CU/UA, XLPE/PVC “Double cable for each phase”).

Due to a malfunction in the electrical cable feeding the seawater pump motor in the second stage, the General Water Conversion Corporation has supplied a new electrical cable and needs to carry out the above-mentioned works through a company specialized in these works.

 The goal of the project is to restore the normal operational status of seawater pumps with the highest possible reliability
Additional to the physical inspection test following test were done 
 Direct current (DC) dielectric withstand voltage 
 Very low frequency (VLF) dielectric withstand voltage 
 Power frequency (50/60 Hz) dielectric withstand voltage